Luminescent nanoparticle Assisted Sensing and Imaging Group

The research objective of LuNASI group is related with the application of inorganic luminescent lanthanide and/or transition metal ions doped nanoparticles for imaging and sensing application – in particular for luminescent (Stokes or anti-Stokes) thermometry and phosphor assisted thermographic imaging, FRET based sensing, phosphor assisted light into heat conversion, and all the research activities are dedicated to various disciplines of biomedical sciences and technology.

Depending on the type of application the nanoparticles need to meet several specific requirements. Therefore, the research conducted by LuNASI is focused on theoretical modelling, appropriate design and optimization of the host materials, versatile (structural, chemical, crystallographic, spectroscopic, thermographic etc.) characterization, utilization of the various physical processes as well as approaching practical aspects of the implementation of nanoparticles to the practical exploitation of the designed phosphors. The utility of the studied materials is a key component, therefore the phosphors we elaborate must be easily translated into technically feasible technologies.